A Jewish Orphanage with a Heart

It’s a shame when children aren’t taken care of at home as they should be, or don’t have the sort of family to turn to that many lucky people have growing up. And it’s even more of a shame when those kids don’t have a place to go. Unfortunately, there is more of a need for orphanages than many think and it is important that the ones that do exist are doing the kind of job that is expected.

General Israel Orphans Home is the kind of Jewish orphanage that has a lot of heart. Because running a Jewish orphanage isn’t just about giving kids a place to stay; it’s about understanding they need a good education, a loving environment and the encouragement to succeed.

That’s what every orphanage needs, a bit of hear to keep it going. People who care, who love to be there to provide a better upbringing for kids who need it. And that is why supporting causes like this are so important. Because although their heart is big, an orphanage cannot continue to run on that alone.

You can easily make a donation to the General Israel Orphans home that will help current and future girls get the care they need.