Against the Elements

Think of how awful it feels to be caught in a sudden and fierce downpour. Wet, cold, and miserable is no way to spend the day. How would you feel if you had no other choice? What if there was nowhere else for you to go and the only shelter you had was in the shadow of buildings or under a makeshift lean-to that still made you cold, wet, and miserable? That’s how many orphans in Israel feel.

Thankfully, there is a place where Jewish orphans can go to have shelter and get care. GIOH is a place where children can go to get the love, attention, and shelter from the elements that all children should have. No one should be left out in the cold.

The wonderful GIOH organization is here to help accommodate these children and give them a chance at a better, warmer, more comfortable life than they could get anywhere on the streets. Consider donating to this worthwhile cause and keep children out of the cold, wet weather and into a home where they can flourish. The price of buying an umbrella could help save a young orphan from the dreary life they might live on the street.