Donate to a Jewish Orphanage

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July 14, 2016

The idea of children, homeless, scared, and hungry, is almost too much for most of us to bear. Troubled children seem, quite frankly, like one of the starkest reminders of

our potential failings as a planet. That someone might be left to fend for themselves with no education and little ability to pull themselves out of the situation on their own is enough to make your heart sink.

Orphans in Israel and indeed orphans everywhere are not in the best position to succeed. Many that remain outside of the system of orphanages and outside assistance are in some ways doomed to lives filled with crime or simply a dangerous lifestyle with a desperately short shelf life.

Luckily there are institutions like the Jewish orphanage General Israel Orphan Home For Girls to pick up some of these potentially sad stories and try and make a difference. The results can be nothing short of miraculous, keeping children on a path towards accomplishment and normalcy that is so important at an early age.

It is with this in mind that the GIOH looks for donations from sympathetic parties. With the help of those donations the orphanage can pay dedicated people to do the difficult work of raising these lost children into balanced and happy adults.