Greatness from Small Beginnings

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July 14, 2016
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July 14, 2016

“Greatness from small beginnings” was the motto of Sir Francis Drake the famous navigator and sailor. This small phrase is very powerful. It means that anyone can become great no matter where they started out. It gives a sense of hope to those who read it and contemplate it’s message.

Small beginnings indeed. GIOH was founded over 100 years ago by Rabbi David Weingarten. He saw a small girl, a poor Jewish orphan, who had just lost both of her parents and had nowhere to go. He took her in and took responsibility for the girl. Soon more Israel orphans needed care and Rabbi Weingarten needed more room. Steadily this Jewish orphanage grew to the great organization it is today.

Not only did the orphanage achieve greatness from its small, humble beginnings but the children that take refuge here can do the same. You can expect that the children who receive such wonderful attention and care here can go out into the world with their heads held high and accomplish great things. Their education, health, and financial well being is taken care of here so they can concentrate on becoming the wonderful, accomplished people they were meant to be. Greatness from small beginnings seems to be the perfect motto for not only world famous explorers but for everyone involved in this fantastic organization.