Healthy and Happy

Orphans in Israel are very lucky to have an organization like GIOH to help them through their childhoods. They not only give these orphans a chance at an education and a warm, caring environment to stay and grow up, they also provide health care for these children as well.

Jewish orphanages offer the best healthcare they can to their children as if they were their own. If they fall ill they are taken care of by the best doctors. Their cuts, scrapes, broken bones, and illnesses are addressed by medical professionals. They even provide dental care and orthodontic assistance to those children who need it.

It’s always easier growing up and becoming a productive member of society if you are well and have the best tools to go out and tackle the world. A winning smile, a healthy body, and a sound mind are all great tools to have in your back pocket as you head out into the world. All of these are easily achievable if you have the right care as a child.

GIOH is an Israeli orphanage that offers these services and more to the children they look after. This is made possible by the generosity of donors.