Who We Are and What We Do

GIOH is a loving home for children of all ages who have been orphaned or abandoned. Many of our children come from dysfunctional homes where they have been neglected and abused. Some were at-risk children who are now thriving in the warm, caring and loving atmosphere at GIOH. We help them become successful adults by caring for their every need beginning from their early years and all the way through high school and beyond!

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Our variety of programs ensure that all aspects and details of each and every girl's care are addressed:

A Real Family Home

Several hundred orphan girls, living, learning and playing together with all their needs lovingly taken care of.

A Complete Education

From a complete Elementary School program through High School - our staff offers academic, vocational and art courses, giving the child a well-rounded education.

Day Care Center

Our little ones from ages 3-6 are supervised by a dedicated and devoted staff, with tender loving care.

Immigrant Children

Newly-arrived from underprivileged countries, find help and encouragement in our Home through the efforts of bilingual teachers who aid them in adjusting to their new homeland.

Extended Day Care Facilities

Where we take care of all the needs of the children : educational, medical, financial, etc., in their own home and surroundings. This is the ultimate in child care in Israel.

Our History

GIOH was founded in 1902 by Rabbi David Weingarten (1872-1940). After meeting a young girl roaming the streets of Jerusalem who had just lost both her parents, Rabbi Weingarten took responsibility for her welfare and brought her into his home. Soon the number of orphans grew and the need for more space required the rental of a modest two room apartment.

Today, over 100 years later, the legacy which Rabbi Weingarten began is now flourishing under the leadership of his grandchildren, who carry the same passion for helping young orphans.

Historical Photos

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